S888 Review

S888 Review

S888 is a popular platform with around 30,000 searches being made monthly in the Philippines. While this was popular before when online sabong was at its most popular, the times may be different today and the gaming experience may no longer be the same as before.

Updates on S888

This platform stood out as a popular online cockfighting platform catering to both Filipino and international bettors. Through this platform, bettors had access to HD streams of sabong matches from the comfort of their homes and place bets for fun or real money.

Sabong888 Initial Review (Pros/Cons)

While bettors can have access to high definition sabong streams through this platform, it is actually hard to get started in the first place. Sure you can take advantage of generous bonuses, but you’ll have a hard time of registering IF you even get to the correct S888 website in the first place.

Generous bonuses
HD Streaming
Bad website UI
Unclear registration process

Our Verdict and Rating

Sabong888 as it is is a poor excuse of a gaming platform that barely offers any satisfactory UI and UX. First of all, it’s hard to look for the correct site and all the top ranking sites in the SERP don’t offer anything good for user experience.

S888 down

It’s advisable to look for a different gaming platform instead.

How to activate and play Sabong888

The first step is to ACTUALLY find the platform. Right now, several S888 sites are up and running but barely any of them are correct and user-friendly enough for beginners to easily get started on. Assuming that one platform we saw is correct, then the steps are the following:

  1. Left click on the “Register” button
  2. Fill out the form consisting of the following:
  • Username
  • Password
  • Password Confirmation
  • Referral Code (Optional)
  1. Deposit to start placing bets

You can also download the Sabong888 app by navigating to “APP DOWNLOAD.” This offered both an APK and iOS installer for their app.

Claim Our generous Bonus and start playing

Registering gave you access to several bonuses, including a 40% welcome bonus, birthday bonus, referral bonus, and loyalty bonus. The difference in betting on sabong matches with and without bonuses is mainly on having more opportunities to win more real money through them.

Sabong888 Bonuses and Promotions

The different bonuses and promotions you can use in the platform include the following:

  • Welcome Bonus
  • Daily Profit Bonus
  • Rebate

Payment Methods 

There is no mention of any payment methods in the platform, so we can only assume that at least the following are available:

  • GCash
  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card

There is no guarantee that other e-wallets or cryptocurrency can be used to play here.

Customer Support

Their customer support comes in the form of their live chat widget. While limited, this is still more ideal compared to email support since players would have been able to receive support as soon as possible with little waiting time.


No. Sabong888 is not included in PAGCOR’s list of licensed operators, even before e-sabong was suspended.

No. it’s hard to even start registering in the platform in the first place.


Sabong888 was an extremely popular e-sabong site in the past but now it’s a shell compared to its former glory. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find the platform, probably because the real one already closed down, and existing registration methods aren’t helpful to the player.

Instead of settling for this platform, we recommend the player to look for a different one to register in. Instead of using this platform for online sabong, use Online Sabong Philippines instead.

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