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Learn All About Hatch Roosters

The Hatch breed is a well-known gamefowl that originated from the late 1800s and is popular as an American line of fighting rooster. Hatches are generally a varied breed that is easily distinguishable for its strength, high stamina, and attack speed. Today, Hatches are smarter, faster, and flies higher than their ancestors, making them excellent birds for cockfighting.

Hatch rooster

Stanford “Sandy” Hatch created this breed in the beginning of the 20th century using Kerni, Brown Red, and Thompson Whitehackles. This breed is now one of the most popular breeds worldwide even though Sandy was never a consistent winner.

Key Features of Hatch Roosters:

Hatches can be distinguished through the following:

  • Medium-size
  • Narrow chest
  • Curved back
  • Small head
  • Strong curved beaks
  • Varied glossy and dense plumage
  • Yellow legs

Being a varied breed, Hatches can come in different colors, including green, blue, brown, and black.

How Hatches Fight

Hatch gamefowls are fast fighters with high stamina for prolonged ground fights. This breed is aggressive and have a reputation for being formidable birds in cockpits. Modern hatches still exhibit their typical force and vigor while being way better than previous iterations. 

Hatches in the Philippines

Hatches are one of the most popular breeds in the Philippines today with breeders using them as a foundational breed to develop better bloodlines. Breeders typically pair these with Sweaters, Kelsos, and Radios.

Yellow Legged Hatches are one of the popular Hatches in the Philippines today which originated from a cross of Blueface Hatches with Whitehackles and Boston Roundheads. This particular breed is well-known for being deadly cutters with their powerful legs and for being able to sidestep for defense.

Different Hatch Bloodlines

Hatches are well-known for having multiple varieties, including the following:

McLean Hatch

Ted McLean developed his own Hatch bloodline using Sandy’s Hatches. His Hatches were poor and dumb fighters that only throw their patented haymakers after receiving two or three hits. Modern McLean Hatches are now high-flying and fast-moving gamefowls.

Still, McLean Hatches are best used as breeding material to produce war cocks with the tenacity, strength, and resilience of McLeans. One notable breed produced from the McLean Hatch is the Blueface Hatch.

Blueface Hatch

The Blueface bloodline started out after McLean gave a throwaway Hatch cockerel to a group of cockers in the south who then bred it with a sickly-looking old buff hen that produced great fighters for McLean. The resulting roosters had their faces turn dark after being sparred and Sweater McGinnis used his blue cock to mate with Madigan hens and Leiper Hatches. The blue face wasn’t a defect but a genetic trait from Brown Reds and Black Sid Taylors.

The modern Blueface gamefowl was produced from Sweater’s early Bluefaces crossed with Karl Bashara’s Shufflers and other chickens from Sweater’s bloodlines.

Blueface Hatches are fast hard hitters, great bucklers, deadly cutters, and aggressive finishers. These are arguably superior to the regular Hatches.

Leiper Hatch

Leiper Hatches are one of the Hatches popular in the Philippines. This bloodline is bred by Judge Leiper using Sandy’s Hatches. They possess bro wnish feathers, an average height, and spiky green legs.

Leiper Hatches are currently one of the most powerful Hatch bloodlines out there. This bloodline is now vital for the hybrid development of other breeds and bloodlines as the resulting birds from these crosses are of high quality.


Hatches are popular for their fighting ability and versatility in the cockpits. Breeders also love these gamefowls as they’re also perfect for developing new breeds, especially the McLeans and Leipers.

Bettors in online sabong should keep an eye out for the featherless legs of Hatches if they want to bet on this breed’s speed and endurance on the cockpits. Who knows, maybe they’ll encounter a Blueface in our platform and have an easy win.

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