WPC Online Sabong Review

WPC Online Sabong Review

WPC Online Sabong is an online cockfighting platform, according to its “About Us” page. In truth, we do not know anything about the current platform since the easily accessible site barely contains any information.

WPC Online Sabong News

This platform doesn’t seem to be a legitimate online platform, unless it is legitimately owned by Lucky Cola. Lucky Cola is brought up in this review is because, for some reason, Lucky Cola is mentioned and treated as a link towards the Lucky Cola casino site.

WPC Sabong Lucky Cola

Because Lucky Cola’s involvement is unclear, we will only focus on WPC Online Sabong.

WPC Online Sabong Initial Review

The website is a barely functional website unless its sole purpose is to funnel players to Lucky Cola.

Bad website UI and UX
No coherent sabong content
No native info pages

WPC Online Sabong as it is is rated 0. Had the platform been clear in saying that it is under the Lucky Cola umbrella, we could increase the rating and judge the platform accordingly. However, this isn’t the case and we cannot safely assume that a legitimate WPC site is linked to Lucky Cola.

The website also has several clickable text and indications that there are other games in the platform, except all of these only link back to the homepage and essentially bring players back to the top of the webpage. Additionally, the platform poses to have blogs in place but fails as the content are barely readable.

WPC incoherent blogs

If the legitimate WPC site was under the Pitmasters brand, it’s safe to say that the platform we’re currently reviewing is fake as Pitmasters suspended its operations in 2023.

How to Play at WPC Online Sabong

The first step is to ACTUALLY find the platform. Should the site we saw be the actual platform, the first step is to left click on the “Sign Up” button. Then they’ll need to fill out the following fields:

  • User Name
  • Password
  • Password Confirmation

WPC Online Sabong Bonuses

This platform doesn’t offer any bonuses and promotions, unless they’re reliant on Lucky Cola bonuses.

Payment Methods 

WPC Online Sabong site

According to the platform, WPC Online Sabong offers GCash, GrabPay, and Paymaya as 24/7 deposit and withdrawal methods.

Customer Support

WPC Online Sabong only has a form to fill out for players to get in contact with customer support. The fields in the form are the following:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Subject of concern
  • Message

The site doesn’t have a live chat widget.


It is unclear. Several WPC sites were operational before under the Pitmasters brand but Pitmasters ceased all of its e-sabong operations in 2023. This iteration is not licensed.

No. The website is barely functional.


The current WPC platform isn’t functional. Anyone who wants to place sabong bets should look for other online platforms to register in.

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