Diamond Sabong Review

Diamond Sabong 88 is a gaming provider that powers different online casinos with e-sabong options. There is no clear information on what the platform is, but it is present in virtually every Philippine online casino and betting platform to provide them with an e-sabong option or as an additional online sabong betting option.

Diamond Sabong review

This platform is inaccessible through simple Google searches.

Diamond Sabong Initial Review

Play Sabong Online

This gaming provider does a good job of delivering what it is designed to do, which is offer a functional online cockfighting betting option. This is a no-nonsense provider that just gets the job done without implementing any other feature.

Focuses on e-sabongOnly one e-sabong instanceNo other features

DS88 is rated 4 out of 5 as it gets its job done with the only real problem is that casinos that only use Diamond Sabong only offers one e-sabong option in the entire platform. What it does correctly and exceptionally well is offer plenty of live sabong matches a day and let players bet nearly 24/7.

The gaming experience in the platform is highly immersive since the ruweda is properly presented and bettors can inspect the roosters before placing bets. Diamond Sabong itself is also mobile-friendly so bettors can easily place bets anywhere as long as they have internet access.

How to Play at Diamond Sabong


DS88 is powering our online sabong platform and other online casinos. Bettors can play at Diamond Sabong by registering in either our platform or an  online casino powered by this gaming provider and navigating to the online sabong section.

Diamond Sabong Bonuses

Diamond Sabong does not offer any bonuses and promotions as it is only a gaming provider.

Payment Methods 

Diamond Sabong uses Online Sabong Philippines’ built-in e-wallet to credit player bets and pay them their winnings.

Gameplay Rules

Diamond Sabong operates on a certain set of rules that may or may not differ from other platforms. These are the following:

  1. The player may place a bet once the game is open.
  2. The player will not be able to place a bet once betting is closed.
  3. Should a “DRAW” occur, all bets on Meron and Wala will be returned to the player.
  4. If the fight is cancelled, the fight’s livestream is interrupted, or if network timeouts occur during bet resolution, all bets placed are returned to the player.
  5. The fight is declared a draw when neither gamefowl pecks during the Carreo, no winner is declared after 10 minutes, a rooster’s knife is damaged, opposing roosters are incorrectly positioned, and wrong entry names are displayed.
  6. No cancellation of bets is allowed.
  7. Odds on Meron and Wala will always be displayed even if no one bets on either side
  8. Fight ID is assigned on-site and duplicated or skipped IDs will not affect the outcome.
  9. Draw odds are always 1:8
  10. Bets are cancelled when odds on either Meron or Wala fall below 1.


No. Currently, all staff shown on-screen have their identities hidden through masks.

Yes. DS88 barely fails in offering quality live sabong matches.


Diamond Sabong 88 does its job well of providing casinos and betting sites with a live online sabong option. It even restricts players from watching matches when they don’t have money in their accounts so they’ll need to place a deposit even if they only want to watch.

DS88 is a good gaming provider and players won’t have to worry about getting scammed while playing here. Register at Online Sabong Philippines today to start betting through this gaming provider. Win big once you get lucky with the odds.

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