Online Sabong Tips: How to Win at Sabong?

Online sabong is an easily accessible blood sport that many enthusiasts and casual gamers can participate in as long as they’re registered in our platform. Still, knowing how to register and play is different from actually winning so we’ve compiled a small list of online sabong tips and tricks for you to follow when playing with us.

Online Sabong Tips

Follow our tips and you may be able to leave the cockpit with more money than you started.

Online Sabong Tip: Know About Sabong Breeds

Not all roosters participate in sabong matches and being knowledgeable about the best breeds should give bettors a better chance of betting on the correct rooster. In official competitions, players should have access to information on what breeds and bloodlines will be participating in matches but online sabong bettors won’t have the same luxury.

Breed of roosters in sabong

Online sabong bettors should try and be knowledgeable more on the different breeds so they can make an informed decision at a glance instead of making random guesses. Some of the breeds to look out for are the following:

  • Asil
  • Kelso
  • Shamo
  • Sweater

These breeds have different physical characteristics that should make it easy to distinguish them at a glance. These are also well known for their effectiveness in the cockpits, so betting on them should be fairly safe. Also find out about aggressive breeds and keep an eye out for them in the cockpits.

Online Sabong Tip: Pay Attention During the Ruweda

Bettors should pay more attention during the ruweda to inspect the roosters. Breed alone isn’t enough of a determining factor on which one will win a match since health also plays a major role. An unhealthy Sweater won’t likely perform better than a healthy random.


Keep an eye out on the following to have more information on the two roosters:

  • How high the rooster jumps
  • How well the rooster flies
  • How good are the feathers’ quality
  • How good are the beaks’ quality
  • How lively are the roosters

Beautiful and lively roosters are likely healthy roosters and will likely be the ones to win a match, unless both sides have healthy roosters. Still, keep an eye out for minor issues per rooster and back the one that seems healthier, livelier, and deadlier.

Online Sabong Tip: Base the Bet on the Trends

Roadmap trends

Bettors will have access to the betting road and see whether Meron or Wala is winning more. Superstitious sabongeros can base their bet on which bet is trending more.

Online Sabong Tip: Bet on the Underdog

Normally, Meron means the favorite while Wala means the underdog. However, some platforms don’t distinguish between the two bets and the two roosters and instead shift the odds based on how many players placed a bet on a chicken. Keep in mind that higher odds is the underdog and lower odds is the favorite.

Meron or Wala bets

Players may need to wait for the last call before they place a bet to see what’s close to the final odds. It’s still advisable, however, to pay attention to the ruweda since basing bets on trends and the odds is not a foolproof plan.

Additionally, there’s no point in placing a bet when the odds for your initial choice is good since the system will only register the final odds, regardless of when you placed your bet.

Online Sabong Tip: One-Sided Betting Strategy

One good tip is to stick to one side of this relatively even moneyline bet. Stick to either Meron or Wala, depending on the trend, and keep on betting on it until you have a good winning streak. You’re bound to be up good after betting multiple times, right?

Needless to say, this will require the player having a rather extensive bankroll to sustain several bad losing streaks.


Winning at online sabong is fairly easy, you just need to get lucky enough and pick the correct outcome out of three different outcomes. You can easily increase your chances of winning by following our tip of studying the different breeds commonly used in sabong matches and paying attention to the ruweda.

Our online sabong tips will also work on live local sabong matches, and we can probably add knowing the breeder’s track record on the list. If you see a renowned breeder well-known for their deadly gamefowls participating in a tournament, you can be sure that their roosters will be favorites. For online sabong betting though, stick to the tips we wrote above.

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