Online Sabong Betting | What is Online Sabong?

Sabong is a bloodsport involving two roosters pitted against each other in a cockpit. While big-time breeders typically pit their roosters against other breeders’ in official tournaments, sabongeros can basically bet virtually anywhere as long as they have access to cockpits. Online sabong betting makes things easier by giving players an avenue to place bets using only their mobile devices.

Online sabong betting

Online sabong betting is far more convenient than going to local cockpits to place bets. This activity has gained popularity during the global pandemic as cockfighting regulars and casual bettors took to online casinos and betting sites to play.

What is Online Sabong?

Online sabong is essentially the online version of traditional cockfighting. Gamblers will only need to register in an online casino powered by a gaming provider like DS88 then navigate to the online sabong section to start betting. Some providers, however, settle to using video sabong using RNG or use pre-recorded fights for bets.

Play Sabong Online

Players will feel like they’re in an actual cockpit when betting on live matches as the staff will do everything that regular cockpit staff will do. They’ll hold the gamefowls and present them to the spectators and bettors during the ruweda and even clean up the mess of previous fights if they end up being bloody.

How Does Online Sabong Work?

Diamond Sabong and other online cockfighting providers and sabong betting sites livestream actual fights happening in cockpits and allow players to bet on the outcome of the matches. Most of the time, the odds of Meron and Wala are dynamic and change according to how many players bet on a particular rooster.

The fights themselves still consist of three stages, which are the ulatan, ruwede, and the actual fight itself.


The ulatan is the stage where two roosters are paired up according to their height, weight, wingspan, and size. The roosters are also equipped with a blade on one leg during this stage.

This stage is also called the pre-fight since this is the initial setup.



The ruweda is the stage where the two roosters are presented to the audience to show how well they move. This stage is crucial for bettors since they’ll be able to gather information on the participating roosters and determine which one is more likely to win.


The fight itself is the last stage of the match and it is at this time when bets are closed. Bettors will only be able to watch the roosters fight and hope they placed their bets correctly.


When one or two roosters seem to be unresponsive, the carreo commences and the referee judges whether a winner can be determined. When an outcome is determined, all winning bets are paid out.

How to Start Online Sabong Betting

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To start placing bets, players will first need to register at Online Sabong Philippines and deposit real money. The steps are the following:

  1. Register at Online Sabong Philippines
  2. Place a deposit
  3. Go to the sabong betting section
  4. Go to Diamond Sabong or DS88
  5. Place a bet on Meron, Draw, or Wala

This is just the start of online sabong betting. Bettors will still need to know how to play sabong so they won’t confuse certain terminologies and learn about the rules. Additionally, betting to win will require players to actually learn how to win instead of randomly betting on Meron or Wala.

Local Sabong Versus Online Sabong Betting

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The main difference between local sabong and online sabong betting is that online sabong is held online. Additional differences can include the following:

  • Video sabong online
  • Pre-recorded sabong matches online

Online sabong is not always live and whether or not this is the case will depend on the platform. RNG-dependent video sabong is all about luck while pre-recorded matches is all about guessing which rooster won the match. If the pre-recorded matches are looped, players can try and remember which rooster won if they already watched the match before.

Live online sabong betting is far better than the alternatives as it closely resembles local cockpit betting. The atmosphere and realism are almost the same and it’s far more exciting to play knowing that you’re witnessing a match live.

Is Sabong Betting Legal in the Philippines?

Sabong betting is legal, but online sabong betting isn’t. Still, this doesn’t stop multiple local and offshore casinos and betting sites from offering the service through certain gaming providers.


Online sabong betting is the act of placing bets on sabong matches through online platforms. The matches are often livestreamed from cockpits.

Bettors can register in Online Sabong Philippines to start placing bets.

You can watch live sabong matches through Online Sabong Philippines once you’ve deposited real money into your account. Gaming providers like Diamond Sabong lock the livestream behind a paywall.


Online sabong betting is a popular gaming activity that owes its popularity to the traditional act of betting on local cockpit fights. Once bettors register in Online Sabong Philippines, they can have access to live sabong matches through Diamond Sabong, our platform’s main gaming provider.

Online Sabong Philippines is an excellent platform for live online sabong betting. Register now and start placing bets and win big.