How to Play Online Sabong?

How to play online sabong?

Online sabong may seem to be a simple game to bet on since it only involves two chickens in a cockpit. However, the rules may not be evident at a glance and players will need to be able to take full advantage of the game’s rules if they want to win their bets.

How to Play Online Sabong: What are the Rules of Sabong?

Online sabong is really simple at a glance. Players will only need to guess which rooster will win a match and that’s it. The rules of sabong are much more in-depth, however, and players will want to understand them to take advantage of them. The general sabong rules are as follows:

  • A match consists of the ulatan, ruweda and the match itself.
  • The roosters paired up always have a similar height, weight, size, and wingspan.
  • Roosters are held by their owners or handlers during the ruweda so that they may be inspected and evaluated by bettors.
  • The gamefowls are outfitted with metal blades or spurs.
  • The roosters fight until one or both are unable to continue.
  • The roosters are allotted a set period to fight, usually around 10 minutes.
  • A gamefowl wins when the opposing rooster dies or when the referee declares it as the winner.

Diamond Sabong operates using the following rules, which can be similar to that of other providers.

  1. The player may place a bet once the game is open.
  2. The player will not be able to place a bet once betting is closed.
  3. Should a “DRAW” occur, all bets on Meron and Wala will be returned to the player.
  4. If the fight is cancelled, the fight’s livestream is interrupted, or if network timeouts occur during bet resolution, all bets placed are returned to the player.
  5. The fight is declared a draw when neither gamefowl pecks during the Carreo, no winner is declared after 10 minutes, a rooster’s knife is damaged, opposing roosters are incorrectly positioned, and wrong entry names are displayed.
  6. No cancellation of bets is allowed.
  7. Odds on Meron and Wala will always be displayed even if no one bets on either side
  8. Fight ID is assigned on-site and duplicated or skipped IDs will not affect the outcome.
  9. Draw odds are always 8.
  10. Bets are cancelled when odds on either Meron or Wala fall below 1.

How to Play Online Sabong: Different Stages of a Match

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The ulatan is the pre-fight where two gamefowls are paired up. How these two are paired are based on the following:

  • Roosters’ height
  • Roosters’ weight
  • Roosters’ wingspan
  • Roosters’ size

There’s no point in pairing two mismatched gamefowls since the winner will be obvious. It is also in this stage that the gamecocks are outfitted with blades on their left legs. In some cases, the roosters will have blades on both legs.


The ruweda is an important stage that bettors should take time to check out since this is the only time they can check out the roosters before placing their bets. Once the fight starts, all bets are closed.


Live sabong bettors should check both roosters and see whether they’re healthy or not. Healthy gamefowls will have better chances of winning that unhealthy ones and lively roosters will likely have more energy to move and attack compared to less lively ones.

Bettors should also start checking the participating roosters’ breeds to have an even better idea on how they’ll perform.


Once the ruweda ends, bettors will no longer be able to place bets and they can only start watching the fight and see whether they’ll win or not. Both roosters are dropped into the ring and it’s up to the birds whether they’ll immediately start fighting or not. Once both gamefowls are fighting, the match can only end when one or both roosters stop moving, or if the match has lasted too long with no clear victor.

Sabong fight

Once the fight is over, bets will be resolved and those who made correct guesses will get paid out.

How to Play Online Sabong: Different Sabong Bets

Normally, meron and wala mean favorite and underdog respectively. However, in Diamond Sabong 88 and other providers and betting sites, these only mean red rooster and blue rooster. In most platforms, online sabong’s meron and wala bets have dynamic odds that reflect how many players bet on a particular gamefowl.

Meron or Wala bets

Besides meron and wala, Diamong Sabong also offers the Draw bet that has odds of 8. Draw wins when the one of the following conditions is met:

  • Neither gamefowl pecks during the Carreo
  • No winner is declared after 10 minutes
  • A rooster’s knife is damaged
  • Opposing roosters are incorrectly positioned
  • Wrong entry names are displayed

The betting market in Online Sabong Philippines and DS88 is essentially the moneyline betting market.

How to Play Online Sabong: What is the Carreo?


We’ve mentioned the carreo and that a draw occurs when neither rooster pecks their opponent during this time. The carreo is the time during the fight when the referee handles both gamefowls to see if they’re still good to fight. If both roosters peck each other, the fight continues. If only one rooster pecks the other, then that rooster wins. If no rooster pecks, the match ends in a draw since neither rooster are still fit to fight.

How to Play Online Sabong: How Much is the Minimum Bet?

The minimum bet for Online Sabong Philippines is 20 PHP and the maximum bet is 5,000 PHP.


Online sabong is fairly simple and bettors can easily enjoy the match just by betting on one rooster. Understanding the rules, however, can help bettors understand how the game works and take advantage of certain rules and increase their chances of winning.

What’s most important is taking advantage of the ruweda to gather as much information as possible before placing bets. Should they do this, bettors will be able to better determine which rooster is stronger.

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